Top 5 Things Curacao Is Best Known For

When you think of things Curacao is best known for, most people are going to think of the mostly unrelated alcoholic syrup. But to travelers and people who love learning more about culture, that isn’t even a blip on the radar. Here are the top 5 reasons to visit this small but intriguing place.

1. Snorkeling On The Curacao Blue Edge

One of the best places in the world to see the way that continental shelves interact, the giant drop in calm waters presented by The Blue Edge in Curacao is a great attraction for snorkelers and divers. Adding to this appeal is the number of coral reef and other natural formations around the island reachable without the aid of a boat.

2. Private And Quiet Getaways

Beautiful, Peaceful Curacao Beach

If you haven’t heard of the island before, don’t fret. It’s one of the best kept secrets in the Caribbean. Largely out of the path of most storms, well sheltered, and not too exciting, Curacao has never become a big party island. Instead, it’s become an island where weary travelers and stressed vacationers can get away from the chaos of everyday life. To promote this, the island has a number of couples resorts, quite romantic attractions, and solitary getaways as well.

3. UNESCO World Heritage Sites And Old Forts

With entire sections of towns designated as heritage sites, old colonial forts dotting the island, and traditional practices still carried out in plain view, the island is one of the most intriguing destinations for history buffs. Learning about, touching, and seeing the culture of the country is a must try experience for any world traveler.

4. Visiting The Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue in Curacao

The oldest standing Synagogue in the Americas is actually located here! It might seem like an interesting place, but many of the first immigrants were Jewish and there are still strong traditions that continue today from those first groups. In amazingly good shape, the 400 year old Synagogue is open for all normal services.

5. Kiteboarding On St. Joris Bay

For the thrill seeker, the area surrounding the island provides a great place to get comfortable with some more extreme sports. While the waters are mostly sedate, they still offer a great challenge for beginners and the winds that make kiteboarding possible have made it one of the things curacao is best known for today. Instruction, rentals, and tips are all available at the bay for anyone interested in this sport.

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