Travel Anxiety Part Two – Nootropics (KWYWTG 6)

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Welcome to our sixth episode of the Know Where You Want to Go Travel Podcast. Today’s topic continues with the second and final part in a series about travel anxiety. We will talk about a couple of supplements that have worked for me before and during travel. (PS – Sorry for the bad audio!)

Even the most traveled of us can become unraveled by the experience of crowds at airports, high seas, turbulence or another of other factors.

Phenibut can be used for potentially several areas – anxiety, fear, trouble sleeping, stress, fatigue and more. I use it ONLY when I am VERY stressed as you can develop a tolerance of it and it can cause some pretty wicked headaches.

Kanna Extract is something I found more recently. I only take a small amount of it approximately 30 minutes before travel. It calms me down, helps me focus, and just makes me feel “content” with whatever comes my way. Makes the stress of travel much better.

Please note that I am not a doctor and I make no guarantees of any kind that works for me will work for you. The products below can be purchased via my affiliate link (helps the podcast!) or you can click the non-affiliate link. Please note that the affiliate link does save you 15% off your first order at LiftMode.

Phenibut – Affiliate Link | Non-Affiliate Link
Kanna Extract – Affiliate Link | Non-Affiliate Link

The host today is CamJon LLC managing partner Cam DeJong.

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