Enjoyed the 80s? You’ll LOVE the 80s Cruise!


Go Back to the 80s in March 2020

We love to travel. Curacao is a destination we talk about all the time, so I wanted to travel back in time just a bit. You can join that time travel on the 80s Cruise and you may be able to join our group for an exclusive offer. Keep reading to learn more.

“The 80s Cruise” is simply a giant party out in open waters where guests get a chance to relive the 80s. We all know how music from the 80s turns our minds back to the decadent years of the 80s. It draws you back to the fun memories of our younger years. And if you are looking to reminisce the 1980s, I believe “The 80s Cruise” will serve you very well. You get the chance to cruise on a recently refurbished cruise ship – The Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas – designed for a giant luxurious and fun party.


The Activities Taking You Back to the 80s


The activities are boundless. With the entire Explorer of the Seas being turned into a giant 80s party, you will stage to not to find a fun thing to do. There will be nightly concerts in the main theatre with thrilling live performances from some of the biggest 80s artists. You will have the choice of attending nightly themed parties. If you are into games, there will be plenty of star-studded game shows. And if you want to a low-key fun experience, you can hit one of the dozens of bars, the casino, restaurants, and the deck that will be playing 80s movies.


The 1980s Line-Up


Over the period of one week, you will enjoy live performances from some of the biggest stars from the 80s. The cruises performance line up promises to a thrilling tribute to the great music era that 80s. In attendance will be (subject to change before this blog is edited):


The Original MTV VJs Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, and Alan Hunter will also be on the cruise leading the way through the week of fun.

Importantly, the stars will not just perform for you. You will be able to meet and mingle with your 80s heroes as you enjoy yourself in a once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with some of the best artists to hit the entertainment scene.


The Various Destinations of the 80s Cruise


While the main goal of this cruise is to enjoy 80s music, I believe the destinations of the cruise matter a great deal. Why take a cruise ship that will stop at less than stellar destinations. For an overall thrilling experience, the destinations should undoubtedly stop at exciting destinations.

Luckily, The Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas will make stop at some spectacular destinations along the way. Starting off at Miami, the cruise ship will make stops at San Juan, St. Thomas, Punta Cana, and Labadee.

The 80s Cruise is the perfect cruise for my junior year cruise. (each year you go allows you to move up from being a Freshman to a graduate!) Setting sail in March 2020, it is bound to be a thrilling and a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy everything great about the 80s.


Some Cruise Photos from 2017 and 2018

Here are just a few photos from the two prior cruises I have sailed on. Let us know in the form below if you’d like to see more and I’ll share a gallery with you!

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