Scuba Diving: Recovering From the Fear of Water (KWYWTG 2)

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I am glad to be here for our second episode of the Know Where You Want to Go Travel Podcast. We are still new to podcasting with this our second episode. Today’s topic is scuba diving. The host today is CamJon LLC managing partner Cam DeJong.

In today’s episode we will discuss:

  • The fear Cam had of water starting in high school back in 1996.
  • How an earthquake in Costa Rica helped overcome the fear.
  • Feeling safe and in an entirely new world under the sea in Curacao.
  • Getting apprehensive friends used to and loving scuba diving.

In the future we will have other topics about Curacao and other vacation tips. We also plan to have guests as the podcasts grows.

You can see more about scuba diving in Curacao in several of our blogs by clicking here.

You can learn about diving with the Dive Bus by clicking here.

Turtle and Ray Productions took the video of our January 2018 dive. Click here to learn more about Turtle and Ray. (Sorry that I forgot the name while recording!)

See our video below:

Please subscribe to our podcast and provide your feedback. This is all new to us so we look forward to improving with each and every episode. Thank you for listening.

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