Top Curacao Beaches To Visit in 2019

For me, a vacation must include a beach. It is a simple as that. There is relaxing about the sea breeze massaging my body, the sand squeezing between my toes, and the sun covering my body. I just love being on the beach. 

So, I must admit that my recent visit to Curacao was visiting paradise. If you know anything about Curacao, you must know that the Dutch island has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. The island gave me and some of my close friends an experience of a lifetime.

Herein I will give you my take on the top Curacao beaches that you must visit at the very least. However, if you have time, try and spend as much time as possible in each of the following beaches. Trust me, the time you spend on these beaches is well worth it. You will make memories you cannot make anywhere else. These beaches are all fabulous, so they are not listed in any particular order.

Playa Forti Beach

Located in the north-west end of the island and close to the very popular Lodge Kura Hulanda & Beach Club is Playa Forti. The beach is characteristic of all the beaches around the island, except for one thing – the 10 meters (40 feet) cliff that drops right into the warm tropic ocean water. At the top of the cliff are some of the island’s most picturesque views. Importantly, the cliff offers a good spot for cliff jumping.

It is almost customary for Playa Forti Beach to jump the cliff. However, when faced with a 10-meter, jumping does not come naturally for many, including me. I was so nervous to make the jump that 2 of my friends had to talk me into. Ironically, though, they did not jump. No regrets though, it was a priceless experience. 

Here’s a photo of the cliff area near the beach. You have to see it to understand the depth!

The Famous Cliff at Playa Forti

Playa Piscado

Also known as Playa Grandi, Playa Piscado is one of best beaches to head to if you love marine animals. The beach takes you close to the marine animals, giving a very unique opportunity to interact with the animals. For instance, I got to enjoy spotting turtles and colorful birds. Aside from the bird watching and turtle spotting, I enjoyed some snorkeling. As such, if you want to enjoy some marine animals without going deep into the ocean, this is a must-visit beach.

Mambo Beach

This man-made beach located just east of Willemstad is the best party location around the island. If you are in a partying mood, the scene at this beach is more than welcoming. Moreover, I found out that there are plenty of activities to engage in – fine dining, awesome music, swimming with dolphins, and much more. Even though there is an entry fee to pay, I can honestly say it is well worth it.

A photo below of Mambo Beach from our 2018 trip to Curacao

Background Beach Curacao - Testimonial

Playa Porto Mari

While every beach around the Curacao Island is unique, this beach offers a feature that few beaches can boast of – a double reef. While you can elect to enjoy some diving, my friends and I opted to just relax and soak in the sun. In many regards, this is the most serene beach around.

Cas Abou Beach

If you ever visit, you advised to visit Cas Abao Beach, and for me, it was easy to appreciate why. Upon reaching the Cas Abao Beach, we saw some the calmest water I’ve ever seen. The beach lined with clear turquoise water. The palapas that line the shores provide ample shade for both tourist and locals. 

Furthermore, there is a wide variety of amenities for you to enjoy. You want to relax your muscles, the spas at the beach are at your service. You fancy a drink, the Beach Bar & Restaurant is the right spot. This beach epitomizes the relaxing qualities of a beach. We enjoyed our time at this beach. It definitely makes it to my list of top Curacao beaches.

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