"We started CamJon Travel to share a unique vision to world travel. Nothing is cookie cutter and it's based on a different kind of mindset. Our mindset is that we don't know it all...and we are confident that is the key to you having a great experience with our advice." - Cam and Jonathan

About CamJon Travel

Think about your typical travel experience. You can go to a variety of review sites online. Many of them are great, for sure. However, there is more and more issue with some as reviews are often times questionable at best. Is that 5-star resort really THAT good? Is that 3.5 star hotel that doesn’t have the advertising power THAT bad?

We think about things differently.  We don’t believe that someone who has “lived their all their lives” or another person who has visited a destination fifty times in the past ten years is the right resource for MOST casual travelers.  There is no harm in considering their opinions, but we believe that the best opinions often times come from those who are as casual as you may be with your travel. Planning to go to Curacao once every three years? We don’t think a frequent Curacao traveler is going to offer the unique insight that we can. 

Think about it like this. A person is considering a move to a new city or state. They talk to someone who has lived in that city or state for years (or a lifetime). What do you think the resident is going to say to the person looking to move? If you guessed, “Why would you want to move here?”, you’re probably right. Think about it….

So what makes us otherwise different? When we travel, we get to know the right people and the right places. We spend literally hours upon hours researching and cutting through the white noise of questionable resources. We  plan for every single thing that should be planned for and things that most people wouldn’t think twice about.  All of this allows us to come back home with information (in our Blog, for example) that can help others have the best possible time on their travel adventures.

Visit the various sections of our site to learn about the destinations that we maintain high confidence in our knowledge. We currently focus on Curacao, but will be expanding into other areas in the near future. We appreciate you visiting and learning more about us. We look forward to getting to know you  about about your travel interests. 

Cam DeJong

Cameron (Cam) DeJong has been planning travel for himself, friends, family, and work colleagues for over 13 years. His love for planning has allowed for him to be called on repeatedly to help with booking flights, hotels, tours, and so much more. Cam and Jonathan have known each other for over 15 years and work effectively together with a “ying and yang” type of partnership.

Professionally, Cam worked for nearly ten years in wireless sales. More recently, Cam has worked in digital marketing  strategy and management.  He currently works  in the medical software industry in this role. 

Interesting Facts About Cam:

  • Born in Bath, New York. Raised in Bath, North Carolina
  • Graduate of Elon University in 2002
  • Type One Diabetic since Age 13

Favorite Destinations: Curacao, Costa Rica, Las Vegas, Amsterdam

Hobbies: 80s music (and 80s themed trips), Basketball, Craft Beer, Scuba Diving, Roller Coasters

Cameron DeJong - Punta Cana - 80s in the Sand

Jonathan Forehand

Jonathan Forehand  understands the importance of budgeting when it comes to all sides of life. His ability to put this mindset into travel has allowed for efficient and cost-effective travel since he started vacationing.

Professionally, Jonathan has worked for over 15 years in the financial services industry. 

Interesting Facts About Jonathan:

  • Born in Goldsboro , North Carolina. Raised in Ayden, North Carolina
  • Graduate of East Carolina University in 2000
  • Has an Identical Twin Brother
Favorite Destinations: Curacao, Costa Rica, Cedar Park (Sandusky, Ohio)


Hobbies: Tennis, Ping Pong, Scuba Diving, Basketball, Volleyball