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In a world full of review sites, it’s hard to know who to trust. Is that five-star resort really amazing? Or is the less-advertised hotel truly as bad as some reviews claim? At CamJon Travel, we cut through the noise to offer insights that matter.

Why We’re Different

While lifelong residents and frequent travelers to a destination each have their views, we believe casual travelers—like many of you—are the best resource for invaluable insights. Are you planning a trip to Curacao once every three years? Our tailored advice comes from experiences just like yours.

Imagine planning a move to a new city. You consult a resident who’s lived there for decades. Their response might be, “Why would you want to move here?” CamJon Travel approaches travel with fresh eyes and a curious spirit—just like someone exploring a destination for the first time.

Our Unique Approach

We connect with the right people and explore the right places during our travels. Our hours of meticulous research help us sift through unreliable sources to provide the most accurate and helpful information. Our blog and resources are designed to equip you with everything you need for unforgettable travel adventures.

Our Special Focus

Discover the enchanting beauty of Curacao through our expert eyes. Plus, set sail with confidence on Virgin Voyages, knowing you’ve got the best advice at your fingertips. These destinations are more than just dots on a map—they’re experiences waiting to be uncovered by you.

Join Us on This Journey

Explore our site to find detailed, trustworthy information on these premier destinations. Thank you for visiting CamJon Travel; we can’t wait to help you plan your next adventure.

Meet Cam DeJong: The Travel Maestro

For over 13 years, Cameron (Cam) DeJong has been the go-to travel guru for friends, family, and colleagues, transforming mundane trips into epic adventures. Whether it’s booking flights, hotels, or finding that hidden gem of a tour, Cam’s got it covered. He and Jonathan have been the dynamic duo of travel planning for over 15 years, embodying the perfect “ying and yang” partnership.

Professionally Adventurous

Cam’s professional journey started in wireless sales, where he spent nearly a decade ensuring people stayed connected. He then navigated the digital marketing seas, strategizing and managing campaigns with precision. Currently, Cam lends his digital prowess to the medical software industry, because why stop conquering new frontiers?

Fun Facts About Cam:

  • Hometown Hero: Born in Bath, New York, and raised in Bath, North Carolina—yes, he’s literally been in hot water all his life.
  • Academic Traveler: Graduated from Elon University in 2002—rumor has it, he chose it because it sounded like a faraway land.
  • Type One Diabetic Since Age 13: Proof that he can balance blood sugar while balancing travel itineraries.
  • Favorite Destinations: Curacao (loves diving with The Dive Bus), Costa Rica, Las Vegas, Amsterdam—he’s got a passport as colorful as his stories.


  • 80s Enthusiast: Cam’s 80s music playlist is legendary, and so are his 80s themed trips.
  • Slam Dunking: Whether on a basketball court or finding the perfect craft beer, he’s always on point.
  • Adrenaline Junkie: Scuba Diving in Curacao with The Dive Bus? Check. Roller coasters? Double check.
  • Foodie: On Virgin Voyages, you’ll find him at Extra Virgin, enjoying culinary creations that are as bold as his travel plans.

So, if you’re looking for travel inspiration or planning advice that’s equal parts fun and insightful, Cam is your guy. Just don’t be surprised if he sneaks in a retro 80s reference—or two—along the way.

Cameron DeJong - Punta Cana - 80s in the Sand

Meet Jonathan Forehand: The Budgeting Barista of Travel

Jonathan Forehand doesn’t just travel—he travels smart. With an innate knack for budgeting, he ensures every trip is efficient and cost-effective, all while keeping the adventure barometer high. His philosophy? Spend smart, travel more. Jonathan’s been applying this mantra for years, making every vacation a financial masterpiece.

Professionally Grounded

With over 15 years in the financial services industry, Jonathan’s got spreadsheets and savings plans down to a science. His financial acumen isn’t confined to the office—he brings the same precision to his travel plans, ensuring every dollar works hard to maximize fun.

Fun Facts About Jonathan:

  • Hometown Prodigy: Born in Goldsboro, North Carolina, and raised in Ayden, North Carolina—he’s as Southern as sweet tea and as reliable as a golden sunrise.
  • Academic Maverick: Graduated from East Carolina University in 2000, proving that pirates don’t just plunder—they budget meticulously.
  • Twin Thing: Has an identical twin brother. Double the trouble? More like double the fun.
  • Favorite Destinations: Curacao (loves custom tours with Irie Tours), Costa Rica, Cedar Park (Sandusky, Ohio)—because who wouldn’t want to mix tropical vibes with roller coaster thrills?


  • Tennis Enthusiast: Court is in session whether it’s tennis or ping pong—his paddle skills are second to none.
  • Scuba Diver: Underwater adventures in Curacao with Irie Tours keep his explorer’s heart happy.
  • Court King: Basketball and volleyball keep him active, competitive, and ready to spike those travel challenges.
  • Culinary Connoisseur: On Virgin Voyages, it’s all about innovation and taste at The Test Kitchen.

Jonathan blends financial savvy with a passion for adventure, ensuring every trip is unforgettable without breaking the bank. Join him on this travel odyssey, and learn how to conquer the world with both style and savings.

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