Curacao: Unique Blue, Green, Sunny Vibes

In part two of our Curacao deep dive (no pun intended), we are going to get more into detail of where the fame of the word “Curacao” came from along with the blue water, great weather, and amazing cultural vibes within the great country.

As mentioned in our last blog, Curacao is too often overlooked by travelers who thought of it as a regional commercial center. Today, Curacao has reinvented itself as a premier travel destination, which now competes with the Caribbean’s best. In this series of blogs, we’ll continue to explore many reasons why Curacao is the very best Caribbean island you can visit.

The Blue and Green Libations

If you order your drinks in blue or green tints, it’s likely that they are doused with a shot of the traditional Curacao liqueur. It’s a famed spirit by the name The Genuine Curacao Liqueur, which traces its roots way back in 1896.

A refreshing drink at Mambo Beach Curacao

This incredible elixir derives its unique flavor from the peel (dried) of the fragrant laraha fruit; a citrus fruit similar to an orange grown on the island. The spirit is usually made at a small distillery on the island that follows the original recipe. You can tour the distally if you want. The infusion of the peel gives the flavor, while the blue or green color is just for show – a perfect match to the clear, turquoise blue waters on the beaches.

While new variations of the drink have been made over the years through the addition of extra ingredients such as coffee, chocolate, and rum raisin, the original green and blue varieties remain to be the most popular.

Wonderful Year-Round Weather in Curacao

Background Beach Curacao - Testimonial

The hurricane season has often been very devastating to the Caribbean regions, causing so much damage, even here in the U.S. But Since Curacao is outside the hurricane belt, the island is rarely hit by storms, so you don’t have to worry about hurricanes at all. In addition, the island has a desert, arid-like climate meaning that there are very few chances of you being rained on while on your beach vacation. The temperatures are generally perfect all year round, with annual average highs of 88 degrees Fahrenheit and lows of 78 degrees.

You’ll most likely be amazed at how the weather fluctuates only a few degrees from day to night – where the days are sunny, warm and dry with much lower humidity than you’d expect from a typical Caribbean island, while the nights are warm and perfect for outdoor dining. It’s hard to believe that a Caribbean island has such perfect weather!

A Unique Culture with International Vibes

The cultural tapestry of the Curacao island has influences from three continents, and hosts over 50 nationalities in the mix. You’ll most likely hear English, Dutch, and Papiamento (a local dialect) spoken while you stroll down the cobblestone streets.

Still, Venezuela is just over the horizon, and you can expect some Hispanic influences, perhaps due to its proximity to Colombia and Venezuela, which have also influenced the island’s taste in music, cuisines, and sports, along with a gregarious social attitude. Another cultural influence that has impacted the island’s culture for quite some time is the legacy of Portuguese Jews, who arrived on the island in the mid-1600s.

Without a doubt, Curacao is one of the most interesting Caribbean islands, with its unique and eclectic culture, as well as its turbulent history brought about by the French, Dutch, and Spanish explorers and colonialists, as well as the African slaves and the recent influx of immigrants from Venezuela. All of these histories and cultures have blended together to create an intriguing and fascinating combination that’s reflected in everything from the foods to the architecture of the island.

Curacao also hosts one of the longest carnival celebration in the Caribbean, with parades and festivals spanning from the last week of January and goes on till mid-February. The costumes and music are simply amazing.

Are You Ready to Visit Curacao Now?

While Curacao is not as popular as the rest of the Caribbean Islands, it’s an underrated, often overlooked island paradise. With all these goodies, Curacao is soon going to be such a popular destination for lots of people and families. So, be sure to put it at the top of your bucket list. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more!

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