Weather in Curacao – A Pleasant Surprise

Sun-kissed shores, picturesque colorful houses, charming Caribbean sunsets and refreshing tropical breeze accompanied with warm soft sand in dreamy beaches. What’s not to love about Curacao? As perfect as the place might seem, when we start picking our holiday destination, the weather is one of the things we tend to worry about or pay strong attention. And rightfully so, after all, bad weather can ruin a long-awaited and hard-earned vacation. If you are targeting the beautiful Curacao island for your next holiday spot and want to find out about the weather, then you are in the right place! Let’s find out how is the weather in Curacao, different seasons and if it can affect your holiday.

Hurricane Season In Curacao

One of the most frequently asked questions about Curacao is definitely about the hurricane season. Being located in the Caribbean, where hurricanes run wild through many islands, fortunately enough for Curacao, there is very positive news.

Curacao is geographically located outside the hurricane belt and storms usually by-pass the island.

The Caribbean Hurricane Season runs from June 1 to November 30 and the lack of wind during this period actually makes it warmer compared to the other months.

Despite being in a very low risk of hurricane confrontation, if you are planning to travel during this time, it is always  recommended to follow the weather forecast, just in case.

Weather in Curacao is almost always amazing.

The Rainy Season

 While there are no specific and strict months for the rainy season in beautiful Curacao and brief showers can happen in months like July or June, the wettest months are from October till February.

In general, the island isn’t exposed to heavy and long rains, but rather short and intense showers during early mornings or late evenings during this time. They just might become your favorite part of the day, providing that refreshing break from the blazing Caribbean sun!

High & Low Seasons

High Season is where Curacao island receives most of its visitors, through the months of December to February, with a lot of people escaping the winter cold and seeking shelter under the warm Caribbean sun. This is where you will see prices of airfares, hotels and everything else skyrocket due to high demand, and despite it being the wettest months, the easy-to-handle rains in Curacao never cause problems for its visitors.

Low Season or off-peak season goes from May to November and allows visitors to see the island in green colors, cooler climate due to trade winds and refresh in a little bit colder waters. As far as the prices go, they drop significantly compared to the high season.

Willemstad looks amazing in nearly any weather.

Best Time To Visit

 Curacao island is really tough when it comes to deciding the best time to visit, as generally, it is warm and sunny all year-round.

If your decision is based on the weather, then there’s not much to worry about! Located in tropics, the Curacao island hosts average temperatures of 30°C (86°F) while the minimum is around 25°C (77°F) all year round.

Marine life not being affected by hurricanes provides visibility for adventurous and popular activities like diving or snorkeling which remain very good through the year.

If the decision is made on a budget, then the low season is definitely the best time to visit, for lower prices and lesser crowds.

Clothing Tips For Curacao Weather

In general, with those warm averaging temperatures, bringing light summer clothes is your best bet, but there are few extra things, that you definitely might want to consider.

Bringing along some long-sleeve pants and shirts are recommended strongly, for multiple reasons. One of the most important being mosquito bites and their prevention, especially in the rainy season.

If you like to dance the night away and have fun when the sun goes down or just to have an elegant dinner, some clubs or more luxurious restaurants don’t allow flip flops and shorts and require a more strict dress code. 

Questions About Curacao?

We are here to help you with the planning of your first or next trip to Curacao. Read more of our blog by clicking here. Find out about our Curacao service options here.


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