Is Curacao Safe? Curacao Safety Information

Curacao is a Dutch Caribbean island located in the lesser Antilles island group with Dutch natives. It’s best renowned for its beaches with the best one on the island being Klein Knip beach. The sunny skies, pristine sand, tropical scenery, and the startling bright hues of the sea all combine to make it amazing. But while Curacao might be a Caribbean paradise, a majority of people interested in visiting Curacao always ask us the same question: Is Curacao safe?

Well, traveling to Curacao can be considered to be quite safe. In fact, as of 2019, the U.S. State Department issued Curacao with a Level 1 travel advisory – the best safety rating the state Department gives. Traveling abroad always comes with some degree of risk, and being knowledgeable of the potential risks you might face is prudent. Here are some notable mentions regarding safety in Curacao.

Crime, Security & Safety in Curacao

For anyone traveling abroad, security and safety happen to be of enormous concern. Curacao visits are mostly trouble-free. Common Issues of concern are petty theft and street crime. To this day, the islands continue being used as drug conduits to get in drugs from South America to North America and Europe. Members of these factions are usually involved in violent crime, but this rarely affects guests.

The top tourist destinations are secure and safe from any potential dangers, but that doesn’t mean you should lax in concentration and be ignorant. Never accept any package from strangers since it may contain drugs. Other precautions that you might want to take include:

  • Avoiding remote areas at night.
  • Never go to the beach with valuables.
  • Always ensure that all your handbags and purses are sealed.

Also, to guarantee maximum security, the Dutch security authorities screen and search all baggage and passengers. So long as you’re smart, cautious and stick to tourist designated locations, then you’ll be as safe as you can be!

Curacao’s Proximity To Venezuela

The distance from Caracas, Venezuela to Curacao is 176 miles. On March 11, 2019, Venezuela was given a Level 4 travel advisory by the United States embassy. A Level 4 travel advisory means that the situation should be taken seriously by U.S. citizens, and travel to Venezuela should not happen. In fact, the Venezuela U.S. embassy suspended its operations with diplomatic personnel being withdrawn from the country. It’s impossible discussing the state of safety in Curacao as of 2019 without mentioned its proximity to Venezuela. As for Curacao, the U.S. State Department hasn’t raised its travel advisory levels or warnings for any U.S. traveling to Curacao.

Curacao is a safe spot for tourists with a few manageable concerns. One only needs to exercise standard precautions to stay safe and have a good time. Visitors can also visit Willemstad – the capital – and get to see the pastel-colored colonial architecture first-hand, Mikve Israel-Emanuel Synagogue from the 17th century, and Floating Queen Emma Bridge.

Are you considering visiting Curacao but asking “is Curacao safe?” Well, now you can rest easy knowing that Curacao is one of the safest vacation destinations.

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