Traveling During a Pandemic in 2021 (KWYWTG 10)


In today’s podcast we will talk about how the new administration and party controls in government can impact travel in 2021. 

Is it safe to travel in 2021? Will there be a vaccine requirement? What are different companies doing to provide incentive for travelers to stay in hotels, fly, or take cruises? Find out more of what we know in the latest podcast.

Further, we’ll give a tidbit on what’s going on in Curacao. If you have a COVID negative test, indeed you can go diving without quarantine!

We’ll talk about a great promotion from Virgin Voyages. You can get an extra savings if you book with CamJon Travel for a voyage this year. No risk with cancellation and full refund up to 48 hours before cruise departure. Click here to send Cam an e-mail to ask about additional offers after you take a look first at

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