Stay Up to Date on Travel Restrictions in 2021 (KWYWTG 11)

Something new happens every day in the world of travel. The great news is that there are a number of outstanding resources to stay up to date on travel restrictions. Want to get out of the country? It may be easier to do than it is to go to some states!

We’ll talk about this as well as some hypocritical actions that some people take when they decide to travel while condemning the freedom of those at home to move about freely. Yes, I do have rants every now and then on this podcast. 🙂

Here are some references we make in today’s podcast:

Product Hunt – A great resource for software. Whether you own a business or have a hobby that requires a variety of different tools, there is often something here. This was where I found a great travel website. – Great website with updated information on travel restrictions. Found this one on Product Hunt!

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