Is Virgin Voyages For Adults Only?

Is Virgin Voyages a Cruise-Line for Adults Only?

Virgin Voyages is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the iconic Virgin Group, and has taken the cruise industry by storm with its focus on unique opportunities tailored to adult travelers. Since its launch in 2020, the company has made waves with their emphasis on an adults-only atmosphere and suites that offer ultimate luxury and privacy without crowding—all while catering to an energetic, vibrant onboard community different from any other at sea. In this article we explore whether or not Virgin Voyages really is crafted solely for grownups, or if there’s more than meets the eye. We’ll review what you need to know about reserving a voyage with this popular new line; from amenities included onboard each ship to policies regarding family members looking to join along. With that being said, let’s dive into what makes this line stand out as premier choice for travel enthusiasts!

Overview of Virgin Voyages

What really sets Virgin Voyages apart is their exclusive emphasis on adult adventures—anyone under 18 is prohibited onboard. Even so, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to this seafaring carrier: Every facet of voyage planning and design was carefully crafted with overgrown kids (aka mature guests) in mind; everything from amazing spa services and gourmet dining experiences to majestic live music performances are available on every expedition—and don’t forget how integrated technology helps travelers explore ocean depths within arm’s reach! Let’s face it, Virgin Voyages knows exactly how much fun you can have as grownup free of young passengers underfoot!

The line currently sails three ships – Scarlet Lady, Valiant Lady, and Resilient Lady. Brilliant Lady is expected to set sail in 2024. Scarlet Lady was the first ship to set sail in 2020.

What Makes Virgin Voyages an Adults-Only Cruise Line?

Virgin Voyages believes that adults should have a chance to indulge in a space just for themselves and has made strides to provide an atmosphere unique to any other at sea. The line boasts of an onboard community and exclusive amenities designed with adults in mind. With the help of attentive staff, travelers can enjoy luxurious suites without the worry of crowds or children getting in the way of their vacation goals.

For instance, they offer private cabanas and dedicated areas at “The Beach Club” in the Bahamas which has been created with inspiring design elements tailored specifically for adult guests looking to relax and unwind. Additionally on board you will find “Razzle Dazzle”, which is a vegan forward restaurant and very unique in the cruise industry. Scarlet Lady and the other ships are very similar in their entertainment offerings. Scarlet Lady offers risque entertainment that cruisers may or may not like to take part in. That’s the beauty of the line. You have the choice to include or exclude various endeavors from your adventure. The ship is full of great activities and we would venture to say that Virgin is the only new cruise line that offers so much included, without the upcharges that plague other cruise lines.

These are just some examples of why Virgin Voyages is ideal for those seeking a unique escape on board their cruise ships, making it an exciting vacation alternative filled with unforgettable journeys by day and by night.

Cruise Itineraries

Virgin Voyages has caught the attention of the industry, with a focus on adult travelers and tailor-made ventures that offer luxury and privacy. Whether you’re looking for fun activities to do or simply want to enjoy quieter moments without large crowds of people, this amazing line is sure to bring something unique that all can appreciate. Cruises come in two different categories – intimate and voyagers – each offering its own range of amenities and activities. Intimate cruises give passengers up-close access to stunning ports, alongside exceptional dining and nightlife opportunities tailor-made for adults who like spirited adventures at sea. Meanwhile, voyager cruises offer luxurious stays combined with multiple destinations so even more varied sights will be on display during your cruise holiday. Whichever option you choose, there’s no denying that these ships offer something exclusive and distinct enough from traditional family style cruises that it appeals only to those over 18 – making it an ideal choice if you’re not interested in taking a “family friendly” vacation at sea!

Virgin started by coming from Europe to Miami on Scarlet Lady. They now sail out of Miami, Puerto Rico, Europe, and Australia. They will be setting sail from Dubai and Singapore in the future. For now, we recommend their Caribbean options as that has been where most of the fun has been built to this point. Like most cruise lines, Virgin has had to adapt to being new and will continue go grow and offer options into other areas in the future.

Dining Options for Adults

When it comes to dining options, Virgin Voyages really fit the bill for guests looking for a memorable journey at sea. They offer travelers a variety of upscale food choices that go well beyond basic buffet-style fare. The menus feature both classic American staples such as steak and burgers, as well as Mediterranean cuisine like Greek salads and Italian pasta dishes at the amazing Extra Virgin restaurant.

Is Virgin Voyages adults only?

There is a wonderful galley of quick bite choices that you can explore if you’re in a hurry. There is seafood, steak, and many other options to explore. A must see cruise experience is the Mexican restaurant with tons of tequila options and amazing food. Our personal favorite is indeed Extra Virgin. The food there is like no other we have had in a restaurant or from any most cruise lines.

Entertainment for Grownups

Entertainment for grownups is a growing trend, with companies like Virgin Voyages leading the charge. The iconic Virgin Group has taken the industry by storm since its launch in 2020, aiming to provide unique experiences tailored to mature travelers. With their emphasis on this atmosphere and luxurious suites that offer ultimate privacy without crowding, VV truly offers something different than your typical cruise line. Not only do they cater to a vibrant onboard community unlike any other at sea but also boast plenty of exclusive perks from day trips and special treatments at port cities to live music performances and pool parties hosted by world renowned DJs and other entertainers. They offer cruise opportunities like no others. So whether you’re looking for an exciting night out or simply to relax and unwind, there’s something for everyone aboard their ships.

Activities for Couples

Virgin Voyages has certainly made a splash in the cruise industry, with its focused activities and amenities for discerning travelers. There’s no shortage of things to do onboard – couples can relax at one of the beach clubs or spa facilities, take part in wellness programs such as yoga or meditation classes, go scuba diving together around some of the world’s most stunning coral reefs, or enjoy a romantic evening out on Deck 14 under twinkling stars. Additionally, guests can reserve their own private cabana on the ship which allows them to enjoy complete privacy while they sunbathe and reconnect over wine and cheese platters bundled up with one another during sunset. With all these options available right onboard Virgin Voyages it’s no surprise that many couples flock to this cruise line looking for an unforgettable experience tailored toward kids at heart!

There are pajama parties, bar crawls (where you have an opportunity to meet new friends!), and so much more. Even if you’re cruising alone, these opportunities will allow you to meet new people.

Private Cabins and Suites

Private cabins and suites are a major selling point for those considering booking a voyage with Virgin Voyages. Their emphasis on mature spaces has taken the concept of cabin luxury to new heights, offering large Italian marble bathrooms and living areas that can comfortably accommodate up to four adults. One notable signature suite is The Rooftop Terrace Suite, which boats breathtaking ocean views as well as an outdoor lounge area available exclusively to passengers. For travelers seeking complete privacy, there are also private cabins designed specifically for this purpose – each one equipped with its own Jacuzzi or shower, in addition other various amenities tailored towards ultimate comfort and convenience. What’s more, guests have the option of either half-board or full-board accommodation; ensuring minimal disruption to their vacation plans while still providing all the necessary creature comforts required during their stay onboard. All these features combine to make Virgin Voyages not just another new cruise line catering solely for grownups – but indeed an experience crafted precisely according to your tastes and preferences.

Shore Excursions Tailored for Grown Ups

When it comes to shore excursions, Virgin Voyages truly caters to adults. From beach days and cocktail-making classes, to urban exploration and culinary experiences off the beaten path—there’s something for everyone. Most of the included land-based activities are for 18+ only, no matter whether a passenger is booking as a solo traveler or with companions. Keeping in mind that this cruise ship appeals to primarily grownups, all waterfront activities (such as on-shore snorkeling) come without kids’ optional add-ons such as riding jet skis or building sand castles. It also means you won’t spend your time waiting in lines full of excited families! Instead you can relax and enjoy yourself at your own pace or join group sessions filled with familiar folks looking to make discoveries together. With smaller tours including up to 15 guests total , its easy for everyone to take part in adventures guided by passionate local experts free of noise pollution from children playing nearby–especially if want an uninterrupted stretch of bliss between port city calls!


Accommodation is key to ensuring an experience tailored for adult travelers on these ships. As such, they boast some of the highest standard accommodations across the industry – with each ship featuring lavishly decorated suites of varying sizes, all geared towards providing luxury and privacy. Every suite includes upscale amenities including marble bathrooms, walk-in closets and roomy living areas—all ideal for those seeking a personal sanctuary at sea. In addition to so-called “regular rooms” that offer well-appointed cabins in secluded spaces, the higher grade Rockstar and Mega Rockstar feature additional benefits such as butler-like Roadie service (Mega Rockstar) and access to complimentary VIP experiences tailored by guest interests. This is really the only cruise line that prides itself on being able to create an ultra-privacy experience without sacrificing space or creature comforts needed by adults who enjoy a bit more legroom while traveling at sea.

Virgin Voyages bathroom Mega Rockstar

The Ship’s Design is Unique and Made for Big Kids

The design of the ship is truly unique and tailored to adult travelers. The vessel offers a variety of suites, from budget-friendly options to luxurious ones with larger private balconies. All cabins are designed for maximum comfort without overcrowding, allowing guests plenty of space for themselves and their luggage. Additionally, each room comes with access to an ‘on-demand host’, allowing you to customize your experience in ways only possible on a modern cruise ship.Aside from the individual cabins, the entire onboard atmosphere is geared towards fostering an energetic community vibe among travelers.

The Virgin Voyages team has worked hard to create fun spaces that encourage mingling and socializing without sacrificing safety or elegance – such as inviting lounges complete with gourmet food selections and live entertainment including jazz shows and comedy routines. Additional activities range from poolside movie screenings, themed dance events, exercise classes taught by professionals at sea, and yoga (offered during sunrise hours). This comprehensive approach ensures passengers can choose how they would love to spend their leisure aboard while making lasting memories throughout their voyage!

Is Virgin Voyages Right for You?

Virgin Voyages is an adult-only cruise experience that offers premium amenities and experiences tailored to the needs of its travelers. From luxurious private suites to unmatched activities onboard, Virgin Voyages has everything you need for a unique and hassle free vacation away from home. From nightlife events such as acoustic music concerts, ‘Build Your Own Cocktail’ masterclasses and high energy yoga classes to beach day style brunches on board with deckside cocktails – there’s something for everyone onboard the miraculous ship. Whether you’re databasing a fun group invite or looking forward to a romantic weekend escape; our top deck destination lounge ‘The Manor’ as well as premier restaurants including The Test Kitchen will truly be cherished time aboard.

Furthermore, Virgin voyages keep their promise with offering thoughtfully designed and sustainability focused travel packages which makes them stand-out among other cruiseliners in general industry given their strong commitment towards climate action plans. So if you are keen explore new destinations without having compromise quality then this can be your answer! With ships sailing swanky waters all over the world, this might just end up being your best experience yet!

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Final Word

The answer to the question posed in this article – are Virgin Voyages’ cruises specifically crafted for adults only? – is a definitive yes. Part of what makes them stand out from other cruise lines is their commitment to providing an immersive, adult-oriented experience that goes beyond traditional amenities and accommodations. The line offers potential passengers unlimited access to unparalleled luxuries such as spas, restaurants, music venues, bars, lounges, and more – all within a private environment away from crowds and large groups of people. Additionally, the ship and its team allows clients to customize their own itinerary down the tiniest detail while having the on-board activities they’d like without fear of clashing with children’s timelines or interests. The entertainment onboard includes sophisticated dinners featuring celebrity chefs as well as music and late night parties; it’s no surprise that these offerings have become immensely popular attractions among their grownup clientele!

The ship has cutting edge technology tailored towards grownups has made them especially appealing for older travelers wanting a sophisticated yet fun cruise vacation. The priority will remain offering an enjoyable environment for guests looking for everything from sophisticated meals cooked by world-renowned chefs paired with amazing entertainment options stretching long into the night!

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