Cruise Excursions in Curacao and Beyond (KWYWTG 7)

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Lucky number seven! Welcome to our seventh podcast. Today I will focus on excursions as it relates to cruising in general but really going deeper into options you have in Curacao. Do you need to book through your cruise line or can you book independent of them?

I have found that excursions through cruise lines provide great peace of mind, but that’s about where the peace ends. Crowds, sometimes higher costs, and other factors can lead one to want to either stay on the ship or book elsewhere.

In Curacao we have several options that are recommended for your next cruise excursion. We talk about our blog, which contains a wealth of information about Curacao that can help you out in your excursion planning.

The Dive Bus –
Irie Tours –
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The host today is CamJon LLC managing partner Cam DeJong.

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