Best Excursions & Things to Do in Curacao on a Cruise

I have never taken a cruise ship to Curacao but it is something that we are considering in a future trip. However, tens of thousands of individuals and groups take cruises that dock in the this beautiful Caribbean island every year. There are a number of great excursions and activities that are available to those who trek from the ship when it docks. So you are asking just what is there to do in Curacao on a cruise?

Book Your Curacao Excursion With Cruise Line?

Every cruise line has a number of Curacao excursions you can choose from. Sometimes these activities cost a bit more than if you book independently from the cruise ships, but there is a peace of mind factor. Cruise lines will guarantee not to leave you behind if you book through them, for example. However, you may find that in addition to the higher cost that the groups tend to be larger. It is my recommendation that you take a look at activities that are independent of the cruise line as well.

Book Your Caribbean and Curacao Cruise Excursions With Shore Excursion Group

There are a number of great deals with Shore Excursion Group. There is also a guarantee that you will return to your ship among other things. You will find less costly tours as well as smaller groups. This is all-in-all a great way to travel. Click here to explore tours available during your next cruise.

All said, I highly recommend trip insurance for ANY cruise travel.

Should I Stay On or Get Off the Ship in Curacao?

In January 2020 alone there are currently 34 ships docking at the port in Willemsted. If the average ship has 300 individuals that are going to get off in Curacao, that is nearly 10,000 people looking for something to do. Whether you are stopping on January 8th aboard the RCI Adventure of the Seas or later in the month on January 26th on the Celebrity Reflection, I can guarantee that you don’t want to stay on the ship in Curacao.

The Best Excursions in Curacao

Whether you’re an avid adventurer looking to go under the sea or are looking for a variety of tour options, I have several recommendations for you to consider. I am also confident (again, buy trip insurance!) that you’ll get back to the ship in time for departure.

For the AdventurerThe Dive Bus Scuba Diving. Mark and team ensure the best for you when you dive with his crew at the Dive Bus. From their website they mention it in the first paragraph. “So you literally don’t miss your boat (even though you may want to), we’ll take you diving on two of Curacao’s best shore dive sites – Pierbaai Reef and Car Pile. These are less than 15 minutes via taxi from the cruise ship terminal and is good for those looking to dive OR snorkel. Click here to learn more about this option.

The Dive Bus provides a great cruise excursion and they are very aware of the importance of making it back to the ship.
Relax after your dive for a quick drink – time permitting!

For the Adventurer At Heart (aka a mixed group looking for a variety of fun and relaxation) – Irie Tours. There are a variety of tours and even the ability to create your own excursion adventure depending on the size of your group and the places you’d like to visit. For most cruisers it is recommended to book the East Side tour. This takes you on a drive over the Juliana Bridge and a view of old historic monuments. From there you have an option to go into the Curacao Liquor distillery and see how “Blue Curacao” was created. For those looking to relax more, this tour goes to some beaches for a couple hour stop for sun and relaxation. As mentioned this is just one of many tours. If you want to do something totally different, reach out to the team at Irie Tours and they’ll get you taken care of for sure.

There’s Even More Excursions for Cruisers in Curacao

From Eric’s ATV Tours to just taking a walking tour of downtown Willemsted, there is so much waiting for you when it comes to excursions on your cruise stop in Curacao. Don’t let the newness of this beautiful island cause you to think twice about getting off the ship. Check out other blog entries going into detail on so many other factors that led us to fall in love with this Caribbean paradise and reach out to us with any questions you have.

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