Is Curacao Expensive To Visit: Looking At How Much It Costs

When going on vacation, budgeting for your trip expenses is crucial. Traveling is all well and dandy until your finances run out. So before embarking on your vacay, make sure to gather as much info about the place as possible. This will help you plan out the rest of the trip more efficiently. And there’s no better place to go on vacation than the Caribbean with its palm trees, sandy beaches, coral reefs, and sipping tropical drinks. So let’s continue to answer your question of whether or not Curacao is expensive to visit.

Curacao is one such island situated in the Dutch Caribbean Antilles best known for its pristine beaches, nightlife, casinos, and eponymous blue liqueur. With efficient financial planning, you will enjoy everything Curacao has to offer to the fullest. But if you aren’t sure about the budget, then you’ve come to the right place. We will assist you in creating a more realistic Curacao travel budget in this cost breakdown, although your travel budget may vary a bit.

What Currency Is Used In Curacao?

The national currency of Curacao is the Netherlands Antillean guilder (NAFI). You will find most prices listed under their local currency, but the US Dollar is also widely accepted on the island. Hence there’s no need for exchanging your money before your visit. Always be prepared to pay cash when taking public transport or tipping. There are a lot of ATMs downtown, and Mastercard and Visa are widely accepted. But the transaction fees can be high depending on your bank, so carry enough cash at hand.

How Much Are Accommodations in Curacao?

Curacao has over 50 resorts and hotels, mostly located on the southwest coast side. The cost of a hotel in Curacao depends on various factors like the location, type of accommodation and time of the year you visit. Unlike some other Caribbean islands, the guesthouses here are affordable and simple but there are some posh options as well. So you are sure to find the type of accommodation that best appeals to your taste.

Is Curacao Expensive to Visit for Meals?

As a visitor in Curacao, you’ll be presented with an array of exotic food options. You’ll find all types of savory local dishes coupled together with things from places such as Indonesia. So budgeting for the cost of meals while on the island is essential. The cheapest meal costs around $6(USD) AT American chain restaurants and locally-owned dining centers.

For an eclectic mix of meals, you can try moderately priced restaurants whose prices begin at $9(USD) and can rise to about $24(USD) for every meal. For those with more expensive palates and preferences, the island has up-scale restaurants that will charge around $20(USD) to $60(USD) for each meal.

Cost for Activities While Visiting Curacao

Kura Hulanda Museum: $20 USD

– Mambo Beach; $8 USD (includes admission and rent beach chairs)

Mambo Beach in Curacao. Is Curacao Expensive to Visit? This beach is moderately priced but reasonable overall given what is offered.
Mambo Beach area in Curacao

– Window showing at Punda: Free 🙂

– Rental car: $30 to $80 per day and $200 per week.

You should note that tipping is customary here. The majority of people tip between 10-15% at restaurants, but when you see a ‘service charge,’ then it’s already included.

Every traveler just wants to have a good time, and this means saving up when it comes to expenses incurred. This will allow you to divert more funds into buying souvenirs, going for adventures and enjoy the local cuisines. We advise you to visit Curacao during the off-peak season, which is between May and November. These are the months you will get the lowest hotel and airfares rates, with most of the rooms available priced half-off than they usually are during the peak summer season. So is Curacao expensive to visit? Well, not really. It’s more affordable than you think. There is a modest cost overall with something for everyone.

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