Top 10 Reasons Curacao Is The Best Caribbean Island To Visit In 2019

If you are looking to visit the Caribbean, Curacao should be your number one choice. It is truly the best Caribbean island to visit in 2019. I enjoy Curacao for a variety of reasons. Below, I will be going over some of the key reasons Curacao should top your list of Caribbean islands to visit this year. 

Shore Diving With the Dive Bus

The Caribbean itself is known for having some of the best diving spots in the entire world. Curacao is easily one of the best. If you head to Curacao, you will be able to experience some of the most fun shore diving that you will find anywhere. Not only will you be able to check out some of the top diving spots, but they have great dive companies like The Dive Bus to assist you with PADI diver professionals that cater to all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or someone with experience, you will be able to have a great time. It is the #1 rated dive company on Trip Advisor for diving with over 1,150 glowing reviews.

Irie Tours

Another reason you are likely going to want to consider Curacao as your destination of choice would have to be the island itself. When you are looking to experience the local culture and see all of the ‘in’s and outs’ of an island, you will want to have an experienced and reputable tour company to turn to. Luckily, Irie Tours is available which happens to be one of the best tour companies with the best experiences you will find anywhere in the Caribbean. Not only do they have tours that span the entire island, but you will be able to stick to beach tours, surfing, or even create your own experience. This alone makes Curacao worth a visit because you will be guaranteed to have a tailored and fun experience. 

Cliff Jumping

Another reason might be to experience some of the most thrilling experiences that you will be able to find anywhere. Cliff jumping offers an extreme experience that you will be able to enjoy if you are adventurous. Personally, this was one of the best and most thrilling experiences I have ever had and it is another reason Curacao stands above all other Caribbean islands for me. Specifically, cliff jumping at Playa Forti. Playa Forti offers stunning views that you will be able to enjoy while doing one of the most adventurous and thrilling things that you likely have ever done. You get to dive into crystal clear blue waters which only enhances the entire experience. 

Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge

This is another experience that really makes Curacao stand out. You will want to visit the bridge at night and experience the floating bridge. Take a look at this photo of me with the amazing background!

Cam on the Queen Emma Bridge in Curacao

Mambo Beach

If you are someone like me who enjoys going to the beach almost more than anything, you are not going to be disappointed with Mambo Beach. It is easily one of the most beautiful beaches you will experience throughout the entire Caribbean. 

Great Food in Curacao

Another big reason I would wholeheartedly recommend Curacao would have to do with the incredible food. You are not going to find a Caribbean island offering better food options. With restaurants like Seaside Terrace, you will surely eat as well as possible throughout your entire trip. 


You will be able to partake in an activity like paddle-boarding offering both a good experience and stunning views. 

The Punda District – Willemstad

This is another must-see when you are going to Curacao which makes it stand out among the Caribbean islands. There is nothing that you will find more iconic than the pastel-colored buildings that sit on the waterfront in Punda. 

Christoffel National Park

This is another stunning activity that you are going to be able to do which makes Curacao absolutely worth visiting. This is Curacao’s largest national park and it offers a lot of different things to see. 

Ostrich Farm

Are you someone that enjoys seeing wildlife? If so, like me, you will enjoy visiting the Ostrich Farm where you will be able to see how they live on a farm. 

Overall, there is no better Caribbean island to visit than Curacao in 2019. Not only does it offer plenty of things to do for everyone, but it has everything that you could possibly want in a Caribbean island. That is why it is my number one most recommended Caribbean island to visit this year.

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