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How Does Curacao Compare to Aruba and Bonaire?

When going on vacation, budgeting for your trip expenses is crucial. Traveling is all well and dandy until your finances run out. So before embarking on your vacay, make sure to gather as much info about the place as possible. This will help you plan out the rest of the trip more efficiently. And there’s no better place to go on vacation than the Caribbean with its palm trees, sandy beaches, coral reefs, and sipping tropical drinks. So let’s continue to answer your question of whether or not Curacao is expensive to visit.

Crazy Waves in Curacao
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Curacao: Make the Unusual Your Usual

For too long, the island has been often overlooked by travelers who thought of it as a regional commercial center. Today, Curacao has reinvented itself as a premier travel destination, which now competes with the Caribbean’s best. In this series of blogs, we’ll start to explore many reasons why Curacao is the very best Caribbean island you can visit.

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