Looking At The Cultural Influences Of Curacao

Curacao is a very popular tourist destination in the Caribbean, and one that has an incredible culture due to the many different influences. The official language is Portuguese Creole known as Papiamento. However English, Dutch, and Spanish are all also widely spoken, as well. This all despite the fact for quite some time Curacao was a Dutch colony. The cultural influences of Curacao are many and combine to create a truly unique island culture that residents embrace and travelers love!

Looking at the Short List

Curacao has a very interesting blend of backgrounds that is interesting, even for a Caribbean island. While there is plenty of of Afro-Caribbean culture among the island’s residents, heavy influence also comes from the Dutch, French, Latin America, as well as groups of Asian & Jewish communities who have settled on the island.

The architecture is distinctly old European which a nod to Dutch influence. Modern buildings tend to be built a bit more in the tropic Latin America style. In addition to this aesthetic, the island is big on music and dance festivals that emphasize the blending of African traditions with Caribbean traditions and fuse them together in something new, exciting, and distinctly Curacao.

Curacao Is Truly Unique & Special

Even compared to other islands Curacao is unique and special. Their embracing of Asian and Jewish communities adds even more culture and blend to the melting pots that many Caribbean islands become. The full blend goes to cooking, as well, where some truly great local specialties include hot chocolate made from peanut butter, pumpkin and rice pancakes, cinnamon cake desserts, and more.

Curacao Is A Unique Gem

When it comes to the cultural influences of Curacao, there’s a lot to celebrate about this wonderful gem of an island. No one part tells the entire story, but taking the parts together creates without a doubt the most interesting and multi-faceted culture in Curacao.

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