Adventurous Things To Do In Curacao

If seeking a getaway from your usual life, then one place you should consider visiting in this lifetime is the Island of Curacao. Located in the southern Caribbean Sea and the Dutch Caribbean region, this exotic place has a lot of activities to make your trip an adventurous one. We talk about scuba diving in our other blog entries, so we’ll focus today on other activities that will sure to bring you a lot of fun. From a bevy of water-based activities to touring the sands, Curacao activities are bound to get your adrenaline pumping. We can see the adventurer in you quite happy already. Listed below are 5 fun things to do in Curacao.

Visit The Shete Boka National Park

Are you a nature lover? Do you enjoy hiking and being in the wild? Well, Shete Boka National Park is a great place to start your tour of the beautiful Island. Take a 30-minute drive west from the airport and arrive at this to get an opportunity to explore this amazing place. Take your pick from underground caverns to the hiking trails going past the lava hills. You will be in awe of this picturesque place. The waves you will see here are amazing, especially when you compare them to the other side of the island where things are much more calm.

Hike Mount Christoffel

This is Curacao’s highest point at a summit of 1227 feet. The hike up Mount Christoffel is a sight to behold. Start on your journey up the mountain early enough to give you an opportunity to enjoy your lunch at the top. The afternoon heat can be a little dissuading so be sure to plan for an early trip in order to enjoy the hike in all its glory and before admission closes.

Take An Irie Tour

One of our favorite tour companies in ANY country is Irie Tours. Their team is absolutely amazing and they can take you on one of their island tours or build a custom tour for you or your group. Bob and Sylvian are amazing tour guides who are sure to show you a good time. They also do cruise excursions. We would recommend you try to take a tour when there are no cruise ships in port. You can click here to see the 2019 cruise port schedule for Curacao.

We had a great time with Dennis on a Segway tour, which you can see in our picture below.

Cam and Jonathan on Segways with Irie Tours

Take An Adventurous Tour

If you feel the need to add some thrill and excitement on this fun adventure in Curacao, you can opt to take on an ATV tour on different parts of the Island. Eric’s ATV Adventures is one such company we recommend that offers this amazing opportunity to anyone traveling in Curacao. Take the East Tour with them and get an opportunity to pass through some beautiful neighborhoods and see the eastern side of the island. Explore the west to see beautiful beaches and cross through the San Pedro Plateau. Maybe even get a chance to go swimming while on tour.

Here is a photo of us riding with Eric’s ATV tour.

Cam and Jonathan doing a tour with Eric's ATV Adventures

Learn Some History

The island of Curacao is full of diversity and as such has a lot of history. The Willemstad’s Mikve Israel-Emanuel Synagogue, for example, dates back to the 1650s. This tourist attraction comes as a highly recommended visit for anyone traveling in Curacao. It has a sand floor and is one of the oldest surviving buildings on the island. Take in the view of this colorful building.

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